1. Dong

    Choreography, concept, design from Anna Marie Shogren

    Performance by Jacqui Cornetta, Stephen Eakin, Heather Garland, Megan Gerlach, Lillie Jayne, Don Mabley-Allen, and Anna Marie Shogren.

    With music from Machine, Pearl Jam, Mazzy Star, The Byrds, Nirvana, and Sam Cooke.

    Dong is sponsored by Stussy (™)

    Dong (3:00), part of an episodic series, is a postfolk, pure and energetic admiration towards dance’s dear friend, music. Having been reared in a generation of western dance that often stands on its own, in silence, Dong is a personal recommitment to music and dance so indivisible that that they are called by the same name. This is the third edition to an episodic work. Dedicated to Drew Gordon.

  2. Concept and curation by everyone’s favorite birthday girl, Tara King.

    30 performers; 30 bite-sized performances inspired by the #1 hit singles on July 15th from 1983 to the present. It’s dance-as-boogie, dance-as-zeitgeist, dance-as-birthday-present.

    My gift/assignment/contribution. 
    1993. A Tara of 10.
    SWV’s “Weak” 
    with performers, Heather Garland, Nathalie Collins, and Anna Marie Shogren

  3. The Want

    A new, old-fashioned, postfolk dance to be.

    For Aunts Timeshare, Arts@Renaissance, St. Nicks Alliance, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, May 11th, 2013.  Full montage at, https://vimeo.com/76662631

    Danced by Laura Bartczak, Isaac Gillespie, Laura Grant, Carolina Lindoff, Yasmin Reshamwala, Galen Treuer, Katie Urban, Marisa Lark Wallin, and guests.

    With DJ, Lisa Loew.

    Photos by Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Anna Marie Shogren, and Lisa Loew.

  4. Dong (2:00)

    Created by Anna Marie Shogren, with Eloise DeLuca

    Joined by musicians, Jacqui Cornetta, Heather Garland, Lillie Jayne, Lisa Loew, and Katie Rose Sardelli

    Music from Daktaris, Val Bennett, and Machine

    Eloise DeLuca was born in Long Beach, California and recieved B.A. in dance from California State University of Long Beach.  Since relocating to NY she has worked with many artists including, Zoe Scofield of Zoe/Juniper, Loni Landon, Mike Esperanza, and Jordan Isadore.

    Full version, https://vimeo.com/66828939

    Dong (3:00) will happen Saturday, October 19th.  http://danspaceproject.org/calendarandtickets/detail.php?id=244

  5. Dong

    At Catch take Aunts at the Invisible Dog on February 22, 2012.  

    This is Dong (1:00), part of a serial, post-folk work and meeting with dance’s dear friend, music.  Performance by Eloise DeLuca and Anna Marie Shogren.  

  6. How to Drunk

    Vinyl tile, acrylic, nail polish, January, 2013

    Bachelorette Party, 594 Loft, Bushwick, Brooklyn

  7. Immediately 

    A postfolk dance to your mix cds. December 20, 2012, Dixon Place.
    Immediately is the final dance in this postfolk series that has chased the essential desirabilty of dance as a medium, through introspection and live corporeal exchange.   
    Through much rehearsal with a collection of mix cds from friends and familiars and having layered a new history atop that of my relationship with the music, the time, the contributors, only one disc played this night, chosen by the technician, Rob, for added immediacy.  
    Video by Admiral Grey to the music of Bridget Murray.  
  8. Technology toward the advancement of dance

    Peas, taffeta, tape,  December, 2012

    Fowler Arts Collective YEAR TWO Postcard Exhibition, Greenpoint, NY

  9. These People in my Immediate Environment

    Presented at Dance New Amsterdam, Raw Materials, October 4,5, 2012.  

    Featuring Katie Rose McLaughlin, Laura Grant, Caitlin Marz, and Evvie Allison.

    Music from Dirty Beaches.

  10. LA Re-do (gray)

    Danced at Sunset Rooftops by the Wild Plan, NY,  August 2012

    Four in a series of short, environmentally specific, simply structured, introverted solos collected under the title Immediately.  Immediately has an unsophisticated intention to softly note the desirability of corporeal exchange in a shared time and space.

    (soundtrack.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELIce729HTU  and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tICR8lmZY1M)